Yaesu FH-2 Remote Clone

Build a clone of a Yaesu FH2 remote.

This is a 6-button remote that works directly with many of the Yaesu radios including the popular FTDX-10 and FT-891.  Each button applies a specific resistance to the radios remote connection and triggers memories 1-5 or the memory program. it is great for sending repetitive CW or Phone messages in situations such as contests, POTA & SOTA activations, etc.

Below is the schematic, Digikey parts list, and files for 3D printing the case.

Simple soldering skills are required.

FH2 Clone Parts List

FH-2 Clone Parts List

This is a parts list with details from Digikey.com.

The list can be accessed on the Digikey site by using this FH-2 Parts List Link

FH-2 Clone Schematic

Resistor Values (ohm)

3D Print a case for the 6 Button FH-2 Clone

Below are links to the Fusion 360 design files as well as the .stl files.  Have Fun!!!!!

FH-2 Public File Drive